Bridal Hair Accessories Buying Guide

Choosing your hairstyle for your wedding day is one huge decision, but choosing what accessories you will add to your hairstyle is another big decision. Here are just a few great ideas to help you decide which accessories you’d like to incorporate in your wedding day hairstyle.

The Birdcage Veil is a popular trend worn by Chicago Brides. It can be worn with any hairstyle. Long hair, short hair, and up do’s. The Birdcage Veil comes in different styles and lengths, you can wear it in front of your face or it can cover the entire head. Birdcage veils are attached to the hair by a simple comb for placement. This style is more of a retro, vintage feel.

Flowers can also be incorporated to your wedding day hairstyle. For a simple style, many Brides often chose a large bloom, such as roses, peonies, and lilies. The stems of the flower should be wired by your florist so it can be inserted by your hairstylist into an up do, or you can anchor the flower with pins. This is more of a romantic feel.

Tiaras are very versatile and can also be used in any hairstyle for your wedding. Elegant Updos, down and romantic, or even a side swept style. Most tiaras don’t have to be paired with a veil either, so you can have more of a Princess feel with just the Tiara. The popular Tiara trend today is the simple Tiara that can look like Alice bands or bun wraps, rather than the tall elaborate Tiaras. Either way you’ll like a Princess.

Fascinator’s, or sometimes called a “cocktail hat” is a headpiece that can also be worn by Brides. Fascinators can come in tulle, crystals, jewelry, feathers, or other materials. These are attached to a comb or headpiece, but they can also be pinned directly in the hair. This is another example of a vintage style feel for your wedding hairstyle.

There are so many Bridal Accessories that to choose from Birdcage Veils, to Flowers. Whatever accessory you decide to incorporate into your wedding day hairstyle, VIP Chicago Brides will make you look amazing.

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