Dreaming of A White Chicago Wedding

The gentle purity of the color white truly represents the romance and commitment of abiding love. White flowers are a natural choice for any bride, but are especially appropriate during the snowy winter. You may use them to decorate a special winter theme or opt for a more standard all-white arrangement. Regardless, rich bouquets of snowy white flowers are certain to enliven a wedding celebration in even the most frigid Chicago winter!

Most winter blossoms are tropical in origin. Tropical blossoms tend to have a grand, theatrical presence, setting the mood for a memorable ceremony. For decorating large areas, like the altar, the entrance to the reception, and buffet tables, the enormous blossom of the white poinsettia is both stylish and economical, since the huge blooms allow for fewer flowers to fill more space. Keeping the poinsettias potted helps reduce arrangement costs, and allows you the option of donating them to the church for their Christmas celebration after the ceremony, spreading your holiday joy.

Like poinsettias, amaryllis and lilies also have large, impressive white blossoms, and can be used similarly. They can easily be arranged into richly jeweled bouquets for the bride. A bride wearing a beaded ballgown and resplendent with crystal bridal jewelry can carry a lush bouquet of white amaryllis adorned with delicate strands of crystals. For a sleeker but equally striking look, she can carry an arm bouquet of graceful white or ivory calla lilies bound with a white satin ribbon. To achieve an especially glamorous effect, pair it with a sleek vintage silk charmeuse gown and dazzling crystal bridal jewelry. Complete the ensemble with an exquisite white fur
shrug for a bold effect reminiscent of a Hollywood film star from the 1930s.

For a daintier, more romantic feel, tender white camellias offer a uniquely delicate blossom. Its luscious round bulb, dense with multiple layers of petals, evokes a sense of dense, passionate love. Their round shape makes them a good option for brides that prefer a round bouquet, either in a nosegay or a slightly shaped crescent arrangement. For those brides that wish to capture the feeling of spring in their winter wedding, the camellia’s close resemblance to the peony makes it an attractive alternative. If you prefer to accentuate the winter theme, tying the white camellia bouquet with a velvet ribbon completes a holiday color scheme.

In addition to the memorable visuals your white blossoms can offer, their fragrant qualities should not be overlooked. Though small and delicate, jasmine blossoms give off a powerful romantic aroma, and have long been used as an ingredient in perfume. Their tiny, fragile frame, shaped like a star, is best used in tandem with other fragrant floral pieces, like white roses and deeply scented green pine bough garlands. The arrangement’s perfumed odor will satisfy your guests, subtly blanketing the reception with the powerful smell of sweet romance.

Besides these tropical winter options, you may choose from the many white flowers cultivated all year. Readily available white roses, orchids, and stephanatois can be mixed and matched with your tropical flowers for unique arrangements. Compact white carnation balls can be used to set a more modern, minimalist atmosphere. For an especially wintry theme, urns filled with mounds of pure white baby’s breath flowers can be arranged to resemble the tall drifts of snow outside. Whatever your price range or theme, a qualified Chicago florist can certainly help to make your winter wedding feel like a flowery white wonderland!

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