How to Pick the Perfect Men’s Wedding Ring

One of the most exciting, yet toughest periods in a man’s life is when he is planning his wedding. When wedding planning begins, there are many different things that need to be decided, some by the man alone, and others with the assistance of his wife-to-be or others. This is one of the most important decisions that a man will make: picking out the perfect wedding ring. In choosing the ideal ring, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration.

Choosing The Right Width

When looking at wedding rings, the first thing you should think about is the width. As you know, here at VIP Chicago Brides we’re obsessed with how everything fits you and the wedding ring is obviously no exception. The most common ring width is 6mm, followed by 7mm. If your ring finger is shorter than average, you may opt for 5mm but 6mm should still be an ideal width..

Something else to keep in mind is the diameter of the ring, which has to be dealt with separately. This means the width of the wedding ring along the finger. If you want a more complex ring design that might not be available in 6mm or 7mm, keep in mind that wider rings can feel uncomfortable when worn (you won’t be able to experience this on the spot so it should always be taken into consideration).

Price of a Men’s Wedding Ring

Simply put, price is one of the single most important factors when looking for a wedding ring. There is an incredibly wide range of ring prices, from very inexpensive to extremely pricy, so how much you choose to spend is really up to you. Deciding how much you want to spend is often a compromise between taste and affordability, so you should set a budget before you begin shopping for rings and try to stick to it.

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Your Personality

Personality always comes into play when choosing a wedding ring. If you’re an introvert you will probably want to consider simple wedding rings, and if you’re more of an extrovert, a ring with engravings will suit you better. At the end of the day, however, you should listen to your gut and make the decision that you feel is best.

Your Lifestyle

Most men don’t want to consider this, but like personality, lifestyle comes into play when choosing a ring. If you play a lot of sports or if you do a lot of manual labor, keeping your wedding ring on at these times can prove challenging. Ideally you’ll want to take it off – it’s the best bet. But, if you don’t (some couples decide they don’t want to take it off at all), then it’s best to choose a ring made from a more durable metal. Our advice is to take it off during activities where the ring might get damaged, but ALWAYS make sure it’s in a same place, and obviously remember where you put it.

Choose The Right Metal

Speaking of which, what are the best metals when it comes to men’s wedding rings? While gold might seem like the obviously choice, silver, titanium and tungsten are actually more popular right now. From a style point of view, tungsten and titanium are great choices. The reason is that you can now match your wedding ring with other accessories, such as a titanium bracelet.

If you’re point of view is different, and you’re looking for a more glamorous choice, you should choose from other metals, such as white gold, platinum or palladium. Also, be on the lookout for rings that have diamonds encrusted in them.

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Antique/Vintage Rings

If these kinds of weddings rings aren’t your style, you also have the option of choosing a vintage ring. This requires a lot more effort, though, and it’s not within the scope of this article (I’m no expert in vintage jewelry). Some tips I can offer, though are to watch out for fakes and to do your research and know the era in which specific vintage rings fall (Victorian, Edwardian etc.).

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Now that you have all of these options for the perfect wedding ring, it’s up to you to make the best choice based on time, budget and your personal lifestyle and preferences.

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