Making the Best Bridal Accessories’ Choices!

Before the big day, the bride’s mind is racing, and there are a thousand things she is trying to get finalized for the wedding. VIP Chicago Brides understands that. We’ve helped many brides to get every last detail finalized to make their wedding truly their best day ever, as it should be. To make things a little easier, this is a list of details and wedding furnishings you won’t want to forget.

Wedding Arch

For some, this is one of the most important wedding accessories. It signifies the union of a man and a woman under one roof (the arch). It is an important tradition to many, and the symbolism is wonderful. There are many styles of wedding arches, as well as many different color schemes. Most brides like the main color to be white, but it is a matter of choice.

Wedding Isle Runner

Wedding accessories almost always include the very symbolic wedding isle runner. It symbolizes the new path that the bride and groom will take together, and the path of the bride to the groom. Some couples forego this wedding accessory, but at VIP Chicago Brides, we think it is a wonderful tradition.

Candles and Holders

Wedding accessories are not complete without the candles. One of the main candles used in ceremonies is the Unity candle. It is a beautiful tradition and many have come to expect them at weddings. There may be other candles included in the wedding décor as well. There are many wonderful candle holders with cherubs, doves, and a host of other decorations on them suitable for a wedding.

Wedding Cake Topper

The wedding cake is one of the major attractions at the wedding reception. Choose the cake topper that best matches the wedding theme.

Wedding Favors

These are very important accessories for weddings. Whatever the bride chooses as the wedding favors will be the memento which will help the guests remember the beauty of the wedding. It isn’t always easy to choose the wedding favors, so try to find one that is uniquely yours.

Having hair and makeup done flawlessly is important on the big day, and brides want to look absolute best. Along with the church decorations, don’t forget the most important wedding accessories; that special hair accessory or special piece of jewelry to compliment the dress.

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