Tips for Brides – from Consultation till the Day of your Special Wedding

For every woman her wedding day is an occasion where she expects to look and feel her best and be the center of attention.  After all this is what she deserves!
Here is when a professional bridal artist enters the picture and bestows the sparkle and elegance of the wedding day with her wand. It’s essentially her job to exceed the bride’s expectations.

But there are some things that bride should ensure right from the consultation till her BIG wedding day in order to help the makeup artist achieve her dream look. Take a look at some nifty tips:

  • Schedule a consultation with the artist who will be doing your makeup and hair on the day of your wedding. This should be done a few months ahead of time. Talk about the look you desire for your wedding day. Inform her about the time of day and year when the wedding will take place. If you have thought of some specific wedding themes, let her know that too. Also, discuss important items like skin allergies, if you need a trim or hair extensions and so on in order to complete the look you fancy. 

Bridal Consultation for Hair & Makeup

  • Bring examples of hair and makeup styles that you like to your consultation/trial. Often, it becomes difficult to express your ideas as words; photographs can help you communicate better.
  • If you have selected your hair accessories, veil etc., take them with you to your trial. Your hairstyle may need to be adapted depending on how you want to wear your veil and it’s better to picture that on the consultation day instead of the morning of your wedding. 
  • It may also be a good idea to enlighten the artist with the hair and makeup products you are already using. This will provide a good insight to what you are accustomed to wearing and the stylist can incorporate it accordingly.
  • Let every person in your wedding party i.e. whoever is getting their hair and makeup done carry examples or pictures of the looks they want on the wedding day. This allows things to move quickly as the artist will know what each person wants thus making everyone pleased with the final results.
  • On the wedding day, when the stylist arrives, make sure everyone who is getting hair and makeup services is present at the location. Particularly, you and your wedding party must be geared up with clean moisturized faces and clean and blow-dried hair. This allows staying on schedule on the wedding day.  
  • Because the stylist is there to service you and your wedding party in an agreed upon time frame it is essential that the stylist(s) are continually working on someone.  This will confirm that everybody gets done on time, and if there is a need for eleventh-hour changes or touch-ups, those can be achieved too. Also, bear in mind that some people might take longer while some others may take less time, so there should always be someone waiting to be serviced.
  • Keep your personal touch-up kit containing lip brush, lip-gloss, blotting papers etc. handy to freshen up all through the day. Also keep straws accessible so that your lipstick and lip-gloss remain intact while you stay hydrated on your special day.
  • Arrange for the bridal party hair/makeup services at one room/place on the venue if possible. This makes it easy for the bridal beauty team to coordinate and manage better.
  • When the bridal party is done, please have the payment ready in an envelope. This is only to take away the stress from the bride and bridal party.

Bridal Tips

We the bridal beauty crew at VIP Chicago Brides are not only trained to apply flawless makeup and sprucing up your bridal image, but also skilled in the art of making you feel at ease in every aspect of the wedding process. Your wedding is your own celeb moment and you should appear as stunning as those stars. Contact us at 773.529.9333 for your complimentary consultation and we will guarantee you a truly sensual bridal image that will be reminisced often!

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