Celebrity Destination Wedding Dresses

Celebrity destination wedding dresses are often specifically made by a designer for a particular celebrity. As such, it can be difficult to find that specific dress. For example, Gwen Stefani’s wedding gown was a gorgeous pink and white blend, yet completely unique to the bride. Another perfect example is the stunning number Kate Middleton wore on her special day.

Wedding Dresses
(Photo courtesy of San Francisco’s Alison Bank of FirstComesLoveWeddings.com

Gwen Stefani Wedding Gown

While all of these celebrity destination wedding dresses are well known for being expensive, it doesn’t mean you can’t mimic the style yourself in a much more budget friendly fashion. To get started, consider the following tips.

Just because these dresses are made only once, it doesn’t mean similar dresses aren’t out there for you. The key is trying to find your desired design. You should start by getting several photos of the full celebrity wedding gown. Next, visit both online and offline wedding boutiques to see what they currently have available. Either take photos of or bookmark the ones you like for later comparisons to see which are closet to what you want.

To narrow down your search, consider searching online for the celebrity name along with the name of the designer. Add the phrase “similar wedding dresses” to see similar styles to the celebrity wedding dress you’re interested in. You can also call local boutiques in advance to inquire about specific styles. This reduces the leg work and ensures you only look at stores with the best possible matches.

DIY Wedding Dresses

If you like parts of several celebrity destination wedding dresses, why not try creating your very own design? First, contact a professional bridal dressmaker in your area. Show them the pictures of any celebrity destination wedding dresses you want incorporated into your own dress. Choosing a professional dressmaker will ensure you receive an upfront cost estimation and time frame for the dress’s completion.

Create Your Own Design

When choosing a dressmaker, remember it is important to actually meet them. There are potentially hundreds, if not thousands of dressmakers to choose from. Add this to just as many different celebrity destination wedding dresses and you have quite the decision ahead of you. Take your time to choose the exact style you want first. Then research your dressmaker options carefully. Ask for references and ensure they are willing to create your dream dress, not what they think you should want. You deserve the destination dress you’ve always dreamed of. Choose the right dressmaker and you’re set.

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