Chicago Winter Wedding Looks

The bride who chooses a winter wedding is inherently unique. She deserves a polished look that reflects her personality. This winter, forgo the long-and-tousled look that coins beach weddings, and treat yourself to an elegant, sophisticated updo that matches the festive season.

Cold weather means richer fabrics, roaring fires, and decadent holiday spices. So, for your wedding, you’ll need a hairstyle with more structure than a wispy bun. Wrapping braids around a centered chignon is a beautiful way to incorporate texture into your hairstyle. Keep the front of your hair simple and clean to play up the braids in back.

Low, asymmetrical buns are another chic option for the winter bride. A smooth bun at the jaw line is elegant and sexy. It keeps the hair off your back and collarbones, giving you a long neck and strong shoulders. Add a hair piece for a fuller, more luscious bun.

If you’re worried about not having enough hair for an updo and don’t want extensions, consider a sophisticated French twist instead. After years of messy tresses ruling the bridal world, this classic style is becoming more popular than ever. The French twist accommodated medium hair length, without the cost of extensions or hair pieces. Put a modern spin on this twist with some creative hair accessories, like pins or combs.

Though crystals, feathers, and pearls can be worn at any time of the year, adding them to your winter wedding hairstyle is especially festive. Between the sparkling snow and holiday décor, you’ll be able to rock the most dramatic hair accents of the year. While a few brilliant crystals or a spray of feathers would look out of place at an outdoor wedding, they make the winter bride look elegant and stunning.

For a softer, more romantic look, wear your hair down or half-up, and have your stylist set soft, smooth waves. Tame flyaways with pomade or serum for an ultra-polished look. Accent your hair with a crystal-embedded headband and a sparkling pair of chandelier earrings. This style is breathtaking when paired with a vintage lace or silk organza gown. These whimsical fabrics are the epitome of romance, whatever the season.

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