Elegance and 1950s Style Dominates 2011 Bridal Trends

If this year’s fashion trends tell us anything, it’s that elegance has finally trumped the casual. 2011 bridal trends are all about ornate, vintage inspired pieces that have hyper-femininity at the foundation. The styles of the 1950s in particular have dominated this year’s season. Lace, custom bridal jewelry, and pulled-back hairstyles are all leading the resurgence of the storybook wedding. If you’re at a loss of what to wear on your big day, take a look at this list of the top bridal trends of 2011 for some worthwhile inspiration.

Vintage Wedding Dresses Are Here To Stay

Whether you like it or not, the vintage trend that took 2010 by storm is here to stay. Vintage wedding dresses have only grown in popularity since last year, and 1950s chic is going to be especially hot in 2011. Thanks to the influence shows like Mad Men, Mid 20th Century style has infiltrated just about every niche in the fashion world. The bridal gowns of 2011 are no exception.

Vintage styled wedding dresses are all about the celebration of ultra-feminine style and symmetry. Typically, 50s-inspired wedding dresses are adorned with lace or bow embellishments, and they usually have an exaggerated tulle skirt to accentuate your waist and create an elegant, hourglass shape. When shopping for vintage wedding dresses, make sure you pick one with a scooped neckline and rounded shoulders.

Bridal accessories are essential to the vintage look. Veils are required for vintage style wedding dresses, and don’t forget to add jewelry to complete the ensemble. Pale pinks and blues are often the standard here, and some brides even add customized bridal jewelry for a personalized look.

Cover Ups: A Must-Have 2011 Winter Brides

2011’s Bridal Season has brought some new additions to bridal fashion, but perhaps the biggest is the emergence of bridal cover ups. From high-end designers, to local boutiques, cover ups have become ubiquitous with strapless bridal gowns. The addition of a cover up is essential for winter brides. If your ceremony is in a conservative church, a cover up can also provide a tasteful accent to a strapless bridal gown. Plus, in keeping with the influence of the 1950s, some of the more popular 2011 bridal styles include sheer beaded shrug, a fur wrap, and lace bolero.

The Breezy Beach Look Is Over

For the last few years, the dressed down approach to hair and make up has been the way to go for weddings. This year, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction towards classic elegance. Polished hair and make up is the look for the 2011 bride. Smooth chignons, braided buns, and other traditional, pulled-back hairstyles have been pushed back into the mainstream to compliment the 50s-inspired bridal gowns and accessories that are ruling 2011.

Make up has also swung back towards a more formal look, too. For make up, go hyper- feminine with bold red lipstick and soft eye makeup to create a look that’s straight out of a storybook.

Customize Jewelry Trumps All

The dominance of custom bridal jewelry in 2011 shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Especially considering the current trends. Customized Bridal Jewelry adds additional elegance to the classically inspired wedding gowns of 2011, and gives brides the opportunity for brides to show off their personality. Still, remember that 1950s sensibility is big this year, so try not to go overboard. In this case, conservative is best.

Many brides will opt to go with pearls over white jewelry this year, and colored crystals and birthstones are also going to be very popular. This trend also gives you the opportunity to use jewelry of your own. If you have family jewelry, layer them with some newer pieces to give your look new life without deviating from your vintage look.

Short Gowns Are In

Four years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find a knee length wedding gown anywhere, but 2011 is chocked full of them. Still, this bridal trend isn’t for the faint of heart, and a knee length wedding dress would probably look out of place at a more conservative or formal ceremony. These wedding gowns are perfect for destination weddings, city hall nuptials, or chic informal ceremonies. Plus, the knee length wedding gown is perfect for a bride who wants to have a second dress that’s more informal for the reception.

The bridal trends of 2011 may have given brides a set of new fashion rules to navigate, but don’t stress, weddings are supposed to be fun. And that includes the preparation, too. Plus, with little help from this list, hopefully you’ll be able to find the right dress, hairstyle, and customize bridal jewelry to create an ensemble that’s fashion forward.

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