Five Tips For Great Wedding Hair

1. Though you want your wedding day hair to be special, it shouldn’t be too radical a departure from your normal sense of style. Try to choose something that you can recognize as a refinement of your regular style.

2. A soft texture helps to keep your hair playful and smooth to your groom’s touch. Casual waves or tightly formed curls can frame your look while keeping your style inviting and touchable.

3. To lock your look into place without compromising texture, use sheer hold hairspray with memory. Applying some pomade is also a great way to lock in curls if you plan to style your hair in an updo.

4. After you have set your hair into place, adding colorful barrettes or a sparkling headband can adorn your look with an especially glamorous finish.

5. Enjoy! Appreciate your look in the mirror for a few minutes, growing into it. Confidence in your own style can be the key to making your look.

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