Spring 2011 Bridal Makeup Trends

Spring is often linked with romance, freshness and new beginnings. The sun is warm, but not too hot. There are beautiful flowers in bloom and a mood of joy and optimism everywhere in the air. It’s no surprise that most couples prefer the pleasant springtime for their nuptial.
This year, spring wedding makeup trend is fresh and bright, but at the same time not too heavy and glitzy.

Spring Trend #1: Pops of color on the eyes

For spring bride, the highlight is on her eyes. An eyeliner shade of earthy-brown is ultimate to get the delicate and warm look. Choose pastel pinks or shades of canary yellow for your eye shadow and place the shade all over the eye or just the lower lid.

Spring Trend #2: Bold Lips
Bold LipsThe bold lip look is in vogue this spring with lipstick shades orange, red and hot pink. Go for a matte shade of red and orange or the natural pink shade with a dash of glossy stroke. Don’t overdo color, though. These looks will pair perfectly with the colorful eyes.

Spring Trend #3: Peachy Coral Tinted Cheeks
Peachy Coral Tinted CheeksAlthough summer largely favors bronzed cheeks, spring brings a more gentle hue and the color of the moment is a peachy coral, apricot and rose. These are great colors for every skin tone as it adds warmth and color without the "fake" look that bronzers can sometimes give.

So go ahead and delve into the palette of spring! Whether you choose a soft brown, pretty pink, bright cherry red, coral or peach, make sure to allow your natural beauty to come through…

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    Great tips for bridal makeup this Spring 11..

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