Bridesmaid’s Beauty Tips

Weddings are incomplete without gorgeous bridesmaid and handsome groomsmen. In a wedding, bridesmaids must look stunning to complement the bride and to enliven the entire wedding settings.

Here are some handy tips for bridesmaids, to appear their absolute best without outshining the bride.

  • Choose subtle and humble dress designs. Add some accessories like a necklace, headband or bracelet to pep up the outfit and let your persona show up.
  • Loose wavy locks look cool almost with any outfit. Try to include some elegant elements to your updo. Use hair clips, headbands and hair accessories to diversify the look. However, make sure to discuss the hairdo with the bride. The hairstyles need to be practical, must look good on each of the bridesmaid and essentially match the bride’s hairdo.
  • Go natural! Use neutral shades like rose and brown as they compliment any skin tone, hair color and eye color. Varied shades of brown and rose can also fuse together to style an appealing graceful look. Other soft shades such as gray, taupe and vanilla are also very classy to any eye color.
  • Play up the eyes. Pick up a pale rose, gold pearl or vanilla eye shadow to balance the colors and to give a natural look. Apply a black-brown mascara to create a very pretty, natural eye.
  • A delightful neutral rose or golden pink are good choices for blush. Blend well using your powder brush with a little sprinkling of mineral makeup.
  • A little lip balm if applied under your lip color will give a nice base that will help the color last longer. Choose a natural color, such as a rose, and use a lip brush to line your lips.

There are many aspects that go into selecting the perfect bridesmaid look. On the whole, be in tune with the theme of the event and appear a pretty gentle version of yourself to enrich the bride’s special day! VIP Chicago Brides offers beauty services for bridesmaid’s, please check out our packages section.

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