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About Wilfred Newman

Wilfred Newman starts with an eye for quality that’s rare in the modern world. The traditional suits and shirts of the 50s and 60s were architecture first and fashion second, built on layers of structure and sewn to last for decades. In a 21st century of cheap plastic and flashy logos, our clothes are testaments to the old values of thought and craftsmanship. We take an artisan’s care in every element of what we make, because we know that well-made clothes are a tradition worth preserving.


Wilfred-Newman-dress-tailorMaking those suits and shirts ready for the contemporary world takes a contemporary eye, a sense of style that goes beyond fashion and into art, music, cars, and nightlife. Our clothes aren’t museum pieces; they’re cut slim and sleek, with deft styling that sets them subtly apart from the crowd. In our ready-to-wear line, we honor classic Americana with modern tributes, from Hemingway-worthy shawl collar cardigans to Kennedy-worthy chinos. Our sense of style makes us uniquely suited to help you find yours. Whether you feel comfortable in professor’s corduroy, bold boardroom stripes, or muted plaids, Wilfred Newman can help you carve out your individual style. That personal attention is another throwback to the days of the master tailor, the expert who knew that a well-fitting suit fit not just the body, but the personality. For the triumphs and the trials, and for all of life’s achievements, Wilfred Newman offers the style and confidence that comes with wearing clothes that fit in every way that matters.

Custom Tailored Apparel

Wilfred-Newman-custom-tailor2The Wilfred Newman custom service exists at the intersection of quality construction, excellent fit, and beautiful fabric. Construction is largely an invisible art, but it can be see in every smooth curve and clean edge of a jacket, every crisp shirt cuff and collar. On the inside, our suits sport a full canvas – this gives them their signature structure without adding weight, and ensures that they’ll maintain their shape for years. Our clothes are also packed with our signature details – extra internal pockets, a reversible pocket square, and a discreet waistband strip to keep your shirt tucked in. To achieve a perfect fit, we cut a new pattern for every client, so that we can best contour the garment to the body. Every pattern is the product of over a dozen painstaking measurements, and the intuitive expertise of years of custom work. Not quite an art, not quite a science, fitting is a crucial part of the custom process, and something of a specialty for us. Our fabrics are never less than excellent; even our most basic suits are cut from a fine Super 120s worsted wool, shorn and woven in Italy. We also offer fabrics from some of the finest clothmakers in the world, from superfine English cashmere to Scottish tweeds that have been made in the same mills for generations. For those looking for something that can’t be found anywhere else, or just something a cut above, we can offer them the best. Our custom suits start at $949, and shirts start at $129; we also offer a wardrobe package of two suits and four shirts starting at $1900. Suits and shirts may be picked up 6 weeks from the initial fitting. For fast-approaching engagements, we also offer a four-week rush service on small orders. To make an appointment, you can reach us online at info@wilfrednewman.com, or by phone at (312) 929-3067.ABOUT


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