How to Choose Groom Suits for the Wedding Day?

For all you VIP Chicago Brides, choosing a groom’s suit for his wedding day can be a daunting task. There are only a handful of classy choices to choose from and many bad choices, out there. It can be difficult to discern what the best suit is, for the groom in question.

Groom Suits Fit

The most important aspect in choosing a groom’s suit for his wedding day is ensuring the fit of the suit is picture perfect. There are several ways to tell if the fit is appropriate; starting at the shoes, they should be a little bit roomy as opposed to too tight. No one wants to get married in shoes that make their feet hurt. The next aspect of fit is how the bow tie fits; the bow tie should fit snugly against his neck, but not choking him! The suit pants should fit comfortably; have him sit on a chair and they should feel comfortable, even when sitting. The pants hem should be right above his shoe tops, ensuring the hem covers 1/3 of shoe. The vest should be able to be buttoned across his chest. The buttons of the vest should line up with his jackets buttons. And, the waistband of the vest should slightly overlap the pant waistband. The button down shirt of the groom’s suit should fit comfortable around the neck, shoulders and back, the sleeves of the shirt should show outside of the jacket about 1/3 of the way out. Finally, the jacket should fit comfortable around the shoulders and back and have him sit in the jacket buttoned and unbuttoned as well to ensure it fits properly when sitting.

Suit Styles For Grooms

Chicago Brides are a stylish bunch and it is important that the groom’s are just as stylish and fabulous. The style of the groom’s suit should reflect style, class and elegance. The style of the groom’s suit should reflect the time and venue of the wedding. An evening wedding is all about the glitz and glamour. The suit should be a tuxedo jacket, bow tie and black trousers. A vest should definitely be worn during the evening as well as cuff links and shiny black shoes. A wedding on the beach should reflect comfort and relaxation, while staying chic. A groom’s suit can even be khaki pants and a linen shirt complete with flip flops! Yes, this is allowed in a casual setting like the beach. For a daytime wedding, the groom’s suit should look semi-formal; complete with a button down shirt, long black tie and black trousers, complete with a black suit jacket and black shoes.

Groom Makeup

Groom Touchup Makeup is becoming a trend among groom’s all over the country. Groom’s touchup makeup does not consist of a full makeover, but a touchup that conceals imperfections. A touch of translucent powder to cut down on shine, some concealer makeup over dark under eye circles or blemishes and a little lip balm, makes a noticeable difference in wedding photos and makes the groom look even more handsome.

A groom’s hair style can make or break his entire appearance. Make sure the groom is wearing a hair style that is freshly cut and cleaned up. His sideburns should appear tidy, as well as the hair around his neck and his hairline. His hair style should reflect a more formal and dressy look. If his hair is long, he should put some mousse or pomade in his fingers and touch the tips. If his hair is on the shorter side, he can either part his hair to the side or slick it back. The hair style look should be sexy, but neat.

Groom Suit, Hair and Makeup

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