Fall Bridal Makeup Colors

The colors that you choose for your wedding theme largely depend on the time of year you get married, isn’t it? Well, it’s not just the wedding theme; even your wedding makeup color palatte rests on the season in which your wedding ceremony is held.

If you happen to be getting married in the fall, you’re the luckiest bride. Autumn is a season that is unmatched by any other, and this is why a fall themed wedding is always so attractive.

The cool fall weather together with mild breezes and gentle sunshine bestows a lovely setting for bringing out the subtle features in any bride.

The fall makeup gamut calls for deep hues, natural tones and jewel colors. Start building your bridal image with dapple gray or gold liquid eyeliner. Typically gold works best with russet eyes while gray blends well with blues and greens. Be careful to line both top and bottom lids, allowing a tad of smudging, and create a thin upturn at the outer corners.

Select eye shadows of jewel shades such as emerald green or royal purple sapphire or a natural color like cream, ivory or vanilla. In fact even gold or toffee looks pretty as it gives your lashes a sparkly, pure background. Whichever shade you pick, be sure that your selected shadows have just a whisper of glimmer.

Pick a foundation shade that will blend naturally into your face. Bronzer can be put on to the cheeks like blush to create a warm glow. Keep your cheeks fresh, blushed and rosy, but bring it up a notch to reds.

For lips, rich berry shades look elegant in the fall. Bring your lips to life with the apposite use of berry tints. Pink and purple traces in lipstick are perfect for fall brides and lip gloss in similar shades work well for those who do not fancy dark lip color.  The seamless bridal persona and combination for a fall bride is subtly sparkling eyes with alluring rich lips.

In short, infuse your bridal makeup palette with the hues of the season. Stay on the cutting edge, but ensure that your fall wedding makeup highlights your best features.  Reach out to VIP Chicago Brides at 773-526-9333 and we will elicit the exclusive fall bridal image in you and make you as beautiful and lively as the fall season.

Photography by Wasio Photography

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