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Look Picture Perfect when facing the camera!

So you have done your face with ultimate diligence, still your photographs end up a bit too lifeless and boring for your taste? Bring into play these nifty tricks to solve the picture problem..
Needless to say it’s the camera and light besides your pose that renders your photographs to shape up the way they do. But makeup too chips in an equally crucial part in how fab or drab you appear in photographs.

Read on to know some little tips that can make you look prettier while facing the camera:


The makeup ambit has been going gaga on primers and rightly so as they level out skin tones making your foundation to glide on. Few exclusive primers are also available that contain light-reflecting components. But how does that help? Under the harsh flash of the camera, typically every minute imperfection stands out. But thanks to the special primers, you will flaunt a soft and warm glow on your skin instead.

HD Foundation

It’s acceptable when your everyday, fun pictures don’t come out as fantastic as they should. But can you even think of any bad pictures for the most unforgettable days of your life like maybe your engagement or wedding or your best friend’s wedding? For special occasions like these, go for a high definition foundation. These contain unique state-of-art formulations to create a new age makeup that is neither visible to the naked eye nor on HD cameras and they hide nearly everything!


If your concealer is overly light, you’ll see halos around your peepers whereas if it’s too dark, you’ll have circles about your eyes. Get a concealer that’s close to your tone and attunes smoothly with your skin color.


If you choose to have on only blusher or only bronzer, your face could possibly look flat in pictures. Rub in a tad of bronzer on the cheekbones and on the surface edges of your face and then spread on some blush only on the apples of your cheeks to ensure a complete well-rounded look.

Bring on the falsies

Yes, fake eyelashes do look fake, but not on camera. Try falsies when taking pictures to add a touch of zing to your entire look and see how your pictures get transformed from “pretty-plain” to “absolutely-glamorous” in a matter of minutes.

Picture Perfect - Before and After

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