Exotic Bridal Make up and Hairstyle Trends of 2011

As the year 2011 zooms ahead, the vogues in hair styling and bridal makeup is getting more and more glamorous and all the more fun!

This spring and summer, the fashion makeup for brides comprises of a breathtaking gamut of shades including pastels, vibrant tones and metallic colors that are bound to impress all brides.

One style which is trendy for now is the subtle monochrome makeup style where only a single shade especially beige, pink or orange is applied on your face, finger and toe nails. This style if smartened up rightly by a skilled make up artist augments your striking natural looks.

At the end of 2010, another trend “smoky eyes” was popular for evening wear. But presently, stirred by Venetian Murano glass and Flamenco dancers, a new vivid look with lively jewel shades is hip. Using jungles and tropical storms themes, metallics like bronze and gold are applied to the eyes with a solid highlight of mascara and a trace of turquoise and emerald on the outer edges. This style blends well with dark and black outfits and thus a pretty choice for wedding guests.

Do not overdo your lips and cheeks else your face would lose its grace and appear dramatic. You may also go in for a more delicate and modest look for your eyes whilst highlighting your lips with audacious shades like red. Except the facial feature which you or your makeup artist puts emphasis on, the remaining portion of the face must appear wholly natural and plain.

The Chicago bridal hair trend this year is mostly straight and trimmed. The long tresses are very much “on the go” which may need exclusive hair treatments like Japanese straightening. This is the style which Gwyneth Paltrow is now sporting on her striking long locks. Chasing the present fad, the long tresses must be kept soft and silky. To maintain the silky texture, the hair should be treated with thermal reconditioning.

Apart from straight hair, ponytails and buns too are modish alternatives for spring and summer time. For brides who do not wish to appear over groomed, loose buns can be worn which is a lovely, radiant and above all a more casual alternative. Among celebrities too, this trend is overly popular.

The Chicago fashion arena for bridal hair and makeup is transpiring as an outstanding fusion of styles and shades. Thus every bride has lots of options to explore and choose from to look her best on the
BIG day!

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