Summer Wedding Makeup and Hairstyle Trends

Summer is broadly the most beautiful season for weddings. With ample sunshine, balmy nights and gentle breezes, its no wonder May through August is the ultimate and most popular months to get married.

The livelier weather gladly draws out bridal makeup trends that welcome the brightness of summer. VIP Chicago Brides recommends few summer makeup styles for you the beautiful bride, so sneak-a-peek at the following hot looks:

Pastel colored makeup

Pastel Colored MakeupPastels are popular bridal shades this summer. They radiate joy and warmth that flatter weddings and summer season flawlessly. You can opt for a monochrome color or a pastel color blend based on your wedding theme and outfit. The top colors used to coin this makeup style are yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, turquoise and lavender. For a complete summer bride look, choose bright eye shadow tint. The cheeks can be finely defined with a tan or rose-colored blush and the lips can be kept nude or enriched using a vivid red or orange lipstick shade.

Natural makeup

Natural MakeupAnother popular summer wedding makeup trend is the “Barely There” or natural makeup look. In this style, makeup is not heavy which best highlights your features without appearing cakey. Use a light skin foundation, natural looking blush, nude lipstick or lip-gloss and a simple coat of mascara.

Vintage style makeup

Vintage Style MakeupThis elegant style complements the current summer bridal trends perfectly. The simplicity and grace of this makeup style is remarkable and suits every bride perfectly. Enhance your eyes using a neutral eye shadow and define your eyes using eyeliner. Besides, smokey eyes can never go out of style. Use fun colors like deep blues, purples and even greens instead of the usual shades of greys and blacks! False eyelashes that are delicate, soft looking and long also add to the appeal of the vintage summer style.

Visit the VIP Chicago Brides Makeup section for the right makeup products that can bring out the special summer bridal persona in you.

The bridal hairstyle trend for summer is something that can stand up to high heat and humidity, and will stay steady and fresh all day long. Keep your hairdo simple, elegant, cool and most importantly comfortable. Here are some of VIP Chicago Brides favorite summer wedding hairstyles:

Simple Up Do

Simple Hair StyleTie your hair up into a bun or a timeless chignon to beat the heat. Choose pearl or crystal bridal jewelry or even fresh flowers to deck up the updo and add an extra helping of glamor.

The Grown Up Pony

The Grown Up PonyCreate a low ponytail to the side and adorn it with a few flowers for a natural and stunning hairstyle. Instead of real flowers, you may also use bridal jewelry like hairpins that are crafted in a floral design.

Bridal Braids

For a romantic look, go for a loose and elegant braid that just tugs some of your hair back from your face. You can also do a French braid or more extravagant hairstyle that will keep you feeling and looking cool all day.

Bridal Braids

Check out our Bridal Portfolio for more hair and makeup inspirations. Whatever style you decide to incorporate into your wedding, VIP Chicago Brides will make you look amazing.

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