6 Dazzling Wedding Tips for Any Weather

A wedding ceremony is comparable to a lovely night sky. The numerous stars that dazzle across the horizon are just like all the gorgeous people present in a wedding. Some stars are brighter (bridesmaids and best-men), but the one who looks even more captivating than the moon is none other than the bride herself.  

The D-day of the wedding is the most exciting day for you. On that special day, you want to look outstanding while being truly yourself. Here are some tips for helping you create a beautiful look that you will revere for years to come. 

  • Prior to applying foundation, apply a transparent gel or primer. It acts as a shield between your skin and makeup and prevents the makeup from entering your skin pores. It also lets the colors stay true and the makeup to stay on longer. Try out the new AmazingCosmetics Anti-Aging Face Primer or the super light Motives Perfecting Face Primer that can literally act like a moisturizing serum too.
  • Outline your eyes, aiming for a natural look. Enrich your eyes by using an eyeshadow that’s the same shade as your eyeliner. Use a waterproof eyeliner and mascara like the MAC Powerpoint eye pencil and MAC Fibre Rich Lash mascara to name a few. Take a cotton hankie to the altar and if you sense the waterworks coming on, don’t rub your eyes, just blot. 
  • Make the most out of your lips using lip primer, lip liner, and lipstick. Lip liner defines your lips and holds color in. Go for a natural color – nothing too dark. For a special glow, brush your lipstick and add a small volume of gloss to the center of your lower lip. Avoid pallid colors-your lips will fade into your dress. Strike a balance between your lips and your eyes. Check out the MAC Prep + Prime Lip, Motives Full Color Lip Shine, Motives Rich Formula Lipstick, MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme and so on which are the top choices in bridal makeup.  
  • To keep those rosy cheeks from drooping, apply cream blush with powder blush over it—a trick used in the theater. 
  • Have your wedding makeup done by professional artists and see the startling difference in front of the camera. Share your special day with us at VIP Chicago Brides. Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Anita Arsova.  
  • Last but not least, before the wedding, take a few days off from makeup and give your skin a rest. Most importantly-SLEEP (if you can, as much as you can)! Nothing helps your skin more. 

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