The Basics of Great Eye Shadow Application

Looking at your favorite celebrity’s eye makeup, either in photos or on the screen can leave you wanting that same look.  You run to the store and buy exactly the same colors and with great expectations, race home to apply this great look.  Unfortunately, you do not know the basics of great eye shadow application, so it looks terrible!

Understand, celebrities have their makeup applied by professionals who have been doing this for a great number of years.  Before you can move into a more dramatic look in eye makeup, you must learn the basics for applying it.

Eye Shadow Application – The Color Is Important

There are literally thousands of eye color shades on the market.  Narrowing down what works best for you, starts with the color of your eyes, hair and skin tone. You want to accentuate your eyes and therefore you need to choose colors made for your particular coloration.

Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow Application – Start With Basics

While learning the basics of eye shadow application, start with basic colors and basic applications.  Stay away from colors that are metallic, bold and unnatural, such as hot pink, bold purples or shocking red.  

Until you master the fine art of applying eye makeup, stick with natural colors that are in the brown family.  Brown shades work wonderfully on any eye, hair and skin color.  Once you have gotten the knack of applying eye makeup, you can start playing around with bolder more vibrant colors.

Eye Shadow Application – Starting Basic 101:

  • You should have three shades to work with.  A light beige, a medium soft shade and a darker more dramatic shade of brown.  You should also have a base coat or primer that will be applied before the shadow.
  • You want to always apply your foundation first.
  • Next, apply a small amount of base coat over your entire eyelid.  Base coat is important because eye shadow will adhere to it and stay looking fresh.
  • Your next step is to apply the medium shade over your entire eyelid.  This color is the main color for your overall look.  Be sure it is applied smoothly by using a brush to make sure there are not lines or creases.
  • Take your darker shade and apply it at the base of your upper eyelashes, along your eyelid line. You might want to use a chiseled, very small brush.  Sweep it to the outer corner of your eyelid.
  • Blend this darker shade and your medium shade at the outer corner where they meet.  Then continue with the darker shade going from the outer corner, down and under the base of your bottom eyelashes.
  • Take another small brush and soften the edges of the dark brown.  You do not want a harsh line that will stand out and detract from your eyes.
  • Now it’s time to apply the light beige color.  Take a brush and apply this shade to your brow bone and blend.
  • If you want your eyes to appear larger, take this same light beige and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes.
You need to practice and learn various techniques in order to master applying eye makeup that looks like a million dollars.  Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to more dramatic approaches in eye makeup and just have a lot of fun!

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