5 Fast Fixes for Common Beauty Mistakes

Applying makeup the right way and looking like a million bucks is not always the easiest thing to achieve. Without fail you will run into lipstick showing up on your teeth, eyeshadow caking or creasing or mascara clumping making your eyelashes look absolutely horrible.

Well, there are a few tricks you should try to fix up those inevitable mistakes that we all run into.

1. Lipstick On Your Teeth:

Ok, you have meticulously applied your lipstick. The color is perfect and it looks wonderful — until you smile! Oh my gosh! You’ve got the wonderful color all over your teeth! This can be prevented quite easily so you never have to experience this again.

After applying your lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue. Place your finger inside your mouth and carefully pull the lipstick out that has logged itself on the inner side of your lips. Better yet, before applying your lipstick, take a small amount of petroleum jelly and place it on your teeth. This will keep your lipstick on your lips and not on your teeth.

2. Clumpy Mascara:

First a foremost, never keep old mascara because as mascara ages it becomes clumping and thick. When you remove the wand from the tube and it’s not smoothly applied on the brush, it’s time to get rid of it. What you see on the brush is going to end up on your lashes.

Take a baby wipe and gently clamp down, from the base of your lashes to the tips, and remove any excess mascara. Then put a small amount of petroleum jelly on your finger tips and run your fingertips over your lashes in order to separate them. You can then define and darken your lashes. You will never experience that ugly, clumpy, unnatural look again.

3. Too Much Blush:

So, you have found a perfect blush and can’t wait to try it out. In your over zealousness, your cheeks are far too rosy or screaming orange! Here’s a really easy way to correct this mistake.

Before applying your blush, apply a translucent powder such as Motives Luminous Translucent Pressed Powder over your cheeks to bring down some of the color. If you are using a creme blush, take a sponge, apply a tiny amount of your liquid foundation and very gently apply over the blush in order to tone down the blush color.

3. Eyeshadow Fallout:

We’ve all been there, you carefully apply that beautiful eyeshadow powder to your eyelids only to have it land below your eyes or sprinkled over your upper cheeks. It’s not the easiest thing to remove without causing the eyeshadow to smear over your face! Here is a really easy remedy for never having to worry about that again.

Before ever applying your eyeshadow, take Motives Luminous Translucent Loose Powder and apply it below your eyes and on your upper cheeks. Apply this powder gently, do not press it into your skin. You want to just barely dust it over these areas so the powder remains loose. Should your eyeshadow fall onto these areas, you can take a soft brush and just sweep it off! No more eyeshadow fallout!

5. Uneven Faux Tan:

We all love using "tans in a bottle" to give our complexion that healthy, sun-drenched appearance. Unfortunately sometimes applying these faux tans can get out of control. You have applied your faux tan and it’s sitting on your face all streaked and uneven. You do not have to start over, here is a really easy fix for a flawless tan effect.

When you end up with a streaky tan, grab a bronzing shimmer powder and stipple, or draw in small touches, where your color is streaked or uneven. You will have a beautiful, luminous, even tan!

These are 5 fast fixes for common beauty mistakes that we have all experienced. Take advantage of these suggestions and leave your errors far behind!

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