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3 Practical Tips to Save Money on your Wedding

Wedding is truly an event that occurs once in a lifetime and most couples want to put up a wedding of their “dreams”. There’s no doubt that weddings can be pricey, but there are several ways to fit in your dreams without breaking the bank or entering into debt. All you require is some time, flexibility and planning.

Consider these feasible tips for saving money on your wedding:

The Right “Wedding” Timing:

  • Timing can be critical when you’re looking at saving money on your wedding. The time of year, the day of the week and the time of day you choose to arrange your wedding can have a vast influence on your budget. Plan your wedding in the off-season months of January, February, March and November. Also, choose any other day other than Saturday for your wedding. This itself will save you a lot of your hard-earned money.

Chicago Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown:

  • If funds don’t let you to buy a designer wedding gown, think about renting it out. Do not go for a costly silk gown and pick out polyester fusions instead. They’re inexpensive, don’t crumple as much and are simpler to clean and handle.

Hair and Makeup:

  • Do not disburse big bucks for a hair ornament that you’ll wear only once. If you’ve liked a hair accessory or a headpiece sported by a friend, ask her if she can loan it to you.
  • For your wedding day, hire only one person or company to do both your hair as well as your makeup. We the bridal hair and makeup team at VIP Chicago Brides cater to your hair and makeup needs with the highest quality wedding services, while keeping your experience personal and convenient.
  • Although, on the wedding day, we come straight to your doorstep at your chosen location, it will cost you a lot less if you can visit our salon yourself. Also, more the members, lesser would be the cost as we also serve the entire bridal party for special group rates.

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The wedding is just one day – the marriage is forever. By cutting costs on few “extras”, you can save lots for matters that are absolutely important for your wedding day and your entire lifetime…

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