Best Things to do in Hawaii with your guests

Your wedding guests begin arriving well before your wedding. This is time you can spend relaxing and enjoying new experiences with your friends and family. Hawaii weddings provide the perfect chance to spend some quality time with your guests and wedding party both before and after the ceremony itself. While there is never any shortage of things to do, here are a few things to consider planning for your guests.

Hawaii Weddings


Hawaii has many beautiful, fun golf courses perfect for both men and women. What could be a more unique experience than teeing off with nothing ahead of you but the green of the course and the blue of the ocean? If your guests are divided, why not let them relax at the golf course’s bar or shop nearby? Many courses even have souvenir shops so everyone remains in one area, no matter what their interest.

Surf Lessons

Appeal to the more adventurous in your group by setting up a time for surf lessons. Surf instructors are on hand in most areas for fun, personal lessons. Instead of just lying on the beach, get out there and make some memories you’ll never forget. Not only will everyone get to enjoy the water, but surfing can make a great competition to see who does the best.

Hawaii Scooba

Scuba Diving

If your guests would rather spend time under water than on it, why not schedule a scuba diving lesson and tour? Hawaii has many locations of clear blue water perfect for scuba diving. You never know what you might see. A more relaxing alternative to surfing, but still something your guests will always remember.

Hawaii Spa


Speaking of relaxing, why not schedule a day at the spa for everyone to relax before or wind down after the festivities? As a top tourist destination, Hawaii has some of the best spas that offer a wide variety of products and services, including many you may not have heard of yet. This is also a great alternative for guests who may not enjoy some of the more active events in this post.

Horseback Riding

One of the best ways to truly see the beauty around you is a horseback ride. Hawaii offers stunning tours, either guided or unguided, over beaches and through wooded trails. Every island on Hawaii provides a new trail to explore. Not only are horseback rides a relaxing experience, but they offer the chance for a picnic lunch before heading back.

For more ideas, consider checking out local tours and attractions. Most of this information is available at your hotel or by asking hotel employees.

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