Planning The Best Bridal Shower Does Not Have To Be Difficult

As exciting as weddings are, there are so many planning stages that can become overwhelming. The gowns, bouquets, guest lists, the receptions and decorations alone can leave your head spinning!

That’s only the actual wedding and the reception — what about the Bridal Shower? Like every other aspect of the wedding, there need to be preparations, budgeting, themes, dates, etc. Hiring a multi-tasker who specializes in weddings would be really awesome, but also highly impracticable. Taking it one step at a time will make it easier to pull together and help you maintain some level of sanity. As this particular aspect is something you joyfully volunteered for, let’s see how you can make this all come together with an award winning finish.

Planning the Bridal Shower Theme

Before discussing dates and budgets, you must first decide on a shower that has the bride’s taste in mind. You’re not going to have a Rodeo theme when the bride is into the Boston Pops! So keep her up front and your first consideration when creating a theme that will be delightful for her, not you.

Always Keep Your Budget Within Your Costs

Planning a Wedding Shower that is within a reasonable price tag will also help those who are contributing to the Shower. Bridesmaids, whether attending or not, should contribute toward the shower, so don’t leave them screaming for a 2nd mortgage!

The Guest List

Get with the Bride or possibly her mother to get the names and mailing addresses of possible attending guests. Usually, Bridal shower guests will also be wedding guests, so this should be relatively easy to get your hands on. You will want to get this information as soon as possible if some are traveling from distant places.

Bridal Shower Planning

The Invitations

Invitations should go out six to 8 weeks before the shower. This will give people plenty of time to receive the invitations and be able to respond back to you promptly. You might possibly wish to have the guests RSVP to one particular person, such as the made of honor, in order to keep everything organized.

When Is The Best Time for the Shower to Take Place

Bridal Showers can be anywhere from 6-months to a week before the wedding. Probably one of the most deciding factors will be a middle-road date that will work for all guests attending. If most guests will be commuting from other areas of the state or country, you need to schedule pretty far in advance, so everyone will be able to make plans and make their travel arrangements.

Involved the Brides Mother with the Bridal Shower

She will probably really enjoy pitching in and helping out with refreshments, snacks and a cake. Family members and the brides mother might be able to offer hosting the shower in their home as well. As you are paying for the party, every little bit here and there will help out enormously in the final cost.

Share the Couple’s Wedding Registry Information

Get this information out as soon as possible so guests will have an easier time finding gifts that the Bride and Groom really want. You can supply this information on the shower invitation, that’s perfectly acceptable.

The Shower Gift Opening

This is basically how this falls together. One person will bring a gift to the bride to open and take an already opened gift and place it in an appropriate area. Another person collects and discards the wrappings. Ribbons should also be collected by someone to use in other decorations or a rehearsal bouquet.

One of the brides maids should be designated to keep track of who gave what gift, so the bride doesn’t have to rely on memory when writing her thank you notes.

Attend Other Bridal Showers

On many occasions, brides will have two showers. One shower is usually for her mother’s friends while the other is held for her particular friends. Although you will only be hosting one, it’s really a good idea to attend the other one as well.

Bridal Showers do take a great deal of planning from a theme to when and where it will take place. If you take it one step at a time and plan well in advance, you should have a great party that you will be very proud of and so will the Bride.

Bridal Shower Ideas

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