Choosing the Perfect Wedding Flowers

Time for that big day is approaching and one of the things that you have to think about is a visit to your wedding florist. Choosing the perfect wedding flowers will depend on several details such as:Your wedding theme

You do not want flowers that will crash with the theme of your wedding. This means that you have to choose the ones that match well. The wedding theme will entail the different arrangements and colors that you will use.

The time of the year or season

Season of the year is crucial because it determines which flowers are present at your local wedding florist. Flowers that are available during the summer may not be available during autumn or spring. For example, the different flowers that may be available in the different seasons are:

  • Summer – sweet peas, roses, blooms, lilies and sunflowers
  • Autumn – snowberry, euphoria, orchids, oak leaf, dahlia, calla lilly and amaryllis.
  • Spring – broom, lilac, muscari, daffodils, hayacinths and tulips.

Personal preferences

Your local wedding florist can help you in getting the kind of flowers you need. The different wedding participants may require different flower types. For example the bouquets for the bridesmaids can have different variations or even contrast with the bride’s bouquet. For the groom, you can choose flowers that will make him stand out. Other arrangements include the table flowers, and those surrounding the cake. To make the arrangements special what you can do is to try different patterns. You can do this using cheap foliage from the wedding florist.

The dresses that will be worn on that day

Flowers meant for the bride will have to match well with her dress, the groom, maids and those for the flower girls also have to be compatible and the same applies for all the other people involved in the wedding.

Allergies and consistency of the particular flowers

Your wedding will be filled by all kinds of people and therefore you need to consider their allergies to particular flowers. This is especially true for those who will be handling the flowers such as flower girls, maids, groom and of course the bride.

Photography and video recording

Perhaps this is one thing many people may ignore when doing a wedding. Wedding photography and video taking can go a long way if your wedding florist delivers the right kind of flowers and in the proper arrangement or mixture. This is especially important for brides since memories of a wedding are kept in the pictures taken or the videos of that day. Flowers that will portray well and match properly even on photography should be preferred.

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