Top Honeymoon Destinations

In today’s ultra modern world, some marriage traditions may be thought of as “outdated”, but one element that’s never lost its charm is honeymoon, the romantic holiday for the bride and groom. It’s a cherished occasion in the life of newlyweds where they get an opportunity to relax in solitude and spend some moments together without any distractions of everyday life.
Here take a peep at the most exquisite places around the globe that offer unforgettable honeymoon vacations.


Hawaii Destination Honeymoon
This leisure paradise is a hot favorite amongst newlyweds and has six dreamy islands, tailor-made for two. All these islands have fine coastline and are alive with beautiful beaches and finest resorts. However the island of Kauai is the most popular owing to its picturesque valleys, pristine clear cascades and exotic coastlines. For couples who love adventures, forest treks and mind-bogging volcanoes are perfect to explore. The ideal climate and delicious cuisine are the main highlights of this place which make it seamless as a top honeymoon spot in the world.


Mexico Destination Honeymoon
This culture-affluent country presents honeymooners with countless varied travel experiences on the globe. Mexico bounded by beautiful clear water bodies – the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea has everything that stirs up the setting, be it lazy white sand beaches, prehistoric sites, heart-pounding water activities, wonderful natives and wide-range of lip-smacking food.

St. Lucia

This tropical island situated in the East Caribbean close to Barbados has the right blend of romance and adventure. It offers stirring scuba diving, snorkeling sessions, trekking, bird-watching and more for couples to delve into adventure. This veritable nature park with plush tropical rainforests, exotic creatures and clear blue waters is home to perfect terrains with postcard perfect views.

The Bahamas

Bahamas, located off the coast of Florida consists of 700 hundred islands that cater to the varied expectations and budget of the newlywed couples. The sun and the waves together with the Bahamian goombay drums, calypso dance and music, entertaining nightspots, historic locales and the coral reefs make Bahamas a great destination for your dream honeymoon.


Venice in Italy is one of the most picturesque venues in world and a perfect place to spend serene moments together. The cobblestone paths and gondola rides winding through the maze of canals create an awesome honeymoon experience. Admire the wonderful architecture and indulge in the sumptuous cuisine by candle light at the ultimate location of love and romance of the world.


Paris, the city of lights is undeniably a hot spot for honeymoon due to its romantic ambiance and air of love. Couples can enjoy romantic banquets and wine tasting and also get panoramic view from above the illustrious Eiffel Tower. The spectacular night cruise on the Seine River is perfect for honeymooners as they can appreciate the lightings of the city and also the marvelous bridges.
In short, whether you choose to chase the sun, sea and sand of Hawaii or the urban buzz of Paris, pamper yourself and your partner on your dream break and make your honeymoon as memorable as your wedding day.

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