Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

You’ve met the love of your life and the time has come for you to get engaged! When this happens, you’ll be faced with lots of decisions, and one of the first (and often one of the hardest) is choosing the

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How to Pick the Perfect Men’s Wedding Ring

One of the most exciting, yet toughest periods in a man’s life is when he is planning his wedding. When wedding planning begins, there are many different things that need to be decided, some by the man alone, and others with

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Wedding Veil 101 How Much do you Know About it?

When preparing for your wedding, there are many important factors, but how much emphasis do you put on the wedding veil? This is an item that’s importance is often overlooked, but it is clearly something that should be given a great

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Making the Best Bridal Accessories’ Choices!

Before the big day, the bride’s mind is racing, and there are a thousand things she is trying to get finalized for the wedding. VIP Chicago Brides understands that. We’ve helped many brides to get every last detail finalized to make

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Dreaming of A White Chicago Wedding

The gentle purity of the color white truly represents the romance and commitment of abiding love. White flowers are a natural choice for any bride, but are especially appropriate during the snowy winter. You may use them to decorate a special

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Bridal Hair Accessories Buying Guide

Choosing your hairstyle for your wedding day is one huge decision, but choosing what accessories you will add to your hairstyle is another big decision. Here are just a few great ideas to help you decide which accessories you’d like to

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