On your wedding day, transform yourself with the long, bombshell looks you’ve always dreamed of with hair extensions

Micro Links Hair Extensions are the latest trend in long lasting hair enhancements and it’s becoming an increasingly popular in the bridal fashion world. This method does not require heat, glue, sewing, braiding or chemicals, which means no damage to your own hair.

While you may have found the perfect style for your wedding day, your hair might have fine texture or it’s not the perfect length you admire to pull it off. Hair extensions can help add volume, length, texture and/or chemical-free color to any style. You can personalize your application to meet all your needs Micro Links Hair Extensions will enhance your look and leave you looking stunning on your special day, but last through your honeymoon and beyond.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Hair Extensions

When is the best time for me to get my extensions put in?

We recommend that you visit our Salon at least four to six weeks prior to your wedding day for an initial consultation. This will give enough time to prepare the ideal extension type to suit you and even trial your chosen hairstyle with extensions before your big day.

How do you match my hair color with the hair extensions?

We highly suggest in salon free consultation to precisely match your natural color with the hair extensions color ring.

Will my hair extensions be noticeable?

The hair extensions are 100% human hair and available in over 40 different colors. With expert application from VIP Chicago Brides Team, the micro link hair extensions will blend perfectly and feel like your own hair – ready to curl, blow dry, flat iron & style for your big day!

I want to have an up-do, will my extensions show through?

The reason why the hair extensions are called “micro” link it’s the method the extensions are applied. The tiny tubes (micro cylinders) are used to attach the small-sectioned hair strand and not large wefts, eliminating the visible bump that other extensions create. Whether you are aiming for a classy, traditional or modern look, the micro link technique allows you the freedom to style the hair as if it were your own.

How long after my wedding day will my extensions last?

With proper maintenance, and following the care instructions, your extensions will last up to three months. The hair can be re-used two to three times.

Can I color my hair with extensions in?

Yes, you can definitely color your hair with the extensions put in, we only recommend you to go to the stylist you install the extensions in, if visiting a different salon, please contact us to get proper procedures for coloring your extensions.

How can I get highlights/lowlights with micro links hair extensions?

If you have virgin hair color or you don’t feel like chemically changing your hair color, adding only fifty strands of the links hair extensions can change your whole look without damaging your hair.

Hair Extensions in-salon service. For more information about the hair extensions or to schedule a free consultation call 773-526-9333.

This month only VIP Chicago Brides Team offers 50 strands of highlights or low lights micro links hair extensions for only $199.99 for the service including the hair!

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