Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment Therapy Services by VIP Chicago Brides Professional Beauty Team

It goes without saying that you will want to appear your absolute best from head to toe on your wedding day. How have you pictured your hair to look on the big day? If you like frizz free, flawlessly straight hair, then Keratin Complex treatments by Coppola is just what you need!

Ever since its launch, this “miracle smoothing” treatment is gaining immense popularity. Recently featured on “The View”, Keratin complex treatments and styling products can not just relax those unruly curls and visibly straighten hair, but also leave your hair looking shiny, smooth and still soft. It’s no surprise that Keratin Complex by Coppola earned the Stylist Choice Award for “Best Smoothing System of 2010” at the Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Awards.

Keratin Complex treatments and styling products are formaldehyde free, but does include the right volume of an organic aldehyde which acts in the same way. They are specifically devised to contain natural keratin protein that is found in hair, skin and nails.

Our hair can contain up to 85% of keratin. However aging and processing treatments can cause the levels of keratin to go down overtime and decreased keratin levels can make the hair dry, frizzy, dull, and brittle. Keratin treatments by Coppola can be used to fix damaged hair and work best with any type of hair including color-treated and chemically-processed hair.

We professional beauty team at VIP Chicago Brides specialize in Keratin treatments. We understand the obsession most brides have for shiny healthy straight locks and strive to add that extra touch of perfection to get the ultimate VIP Chicago bridal persona.

So, are you all set to enjoy silky, glowing and perfect straight tresses for your special day? Schedule an appointment with our hair stylists today to pamper yourself with the utmost Coppola experience!

Keratin Treatment by VIP Chicago Brides

Letter from the President of Keratin Complex, Larry Solomon

"Can you believe it’s been almost three years since Keratin Complex hit the beauty industry by storm? Our Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe. People realize the importance and the availability of this incredible service. It is by far the healthiest alternative to all other relaxers and straighteners, thus we have coined the phrase “smoothing system” to describe our unique treatment. It is our 42% natural keratin formulation that fills in the rough edges of the hair shaft to give the hair a smooth finish, with shine and luster. The effects of our Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment will reduce up to 95% of frizz and curl and hair maintenance by 75% as never experienced before. Stylists all agree and we are happy to announce that we won the “Best Smoothing Treatment” award at the Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Awards.

After seeing the success of our Natural Keratin Treatment take off, we decided we were too innovative as a company to stop there. Keratin Complex recently introduced a breakthrough product called INFUSION, a topical keratin replenisher, proven to be a very valuable styling solution. The results have been so successful, that salons are also retailing this product and recommending it be used as an at-home styling aid.

In our efforts to maintain excellence in the world of hair therapy, we have now created a product called INTENSE Rx. This Ionic Keratin Protein Serum uses over 25% of pure Keratin Protein, which is transferred into the cuticle of the hair thus replacing the loss of natural keratin. This ground-breaking service is exceptionally quick and efficient for repairing severely damaged hair. This leave-in treatment will permeate into the hair shaft, eliminating hair breakage. Lifeless hair will be transformed in minutes! INTENSE Rx is rapidly becoming the most well-known and successful instant keratin repair therapy in salons worldwide.

We constantly strive to achieve excellence in the products we produce. There are many new and exciting products in our pipeline that will be introduced to the world of hair and beauty in the coming months. We thank our distributors and salons for their enormous cooperation and express our never-ending gratitude to the millions of devotees who have recognized and experienced our products with such enormous success." Larry Solomon

Keratin Complex