Planning The Best Bridal Shower Does Not Have To Be Difficult

As exciting as weddings are, there are so many planning stages that can become overwhelming. The gowns, bouquets, guest lists, the receptions and decorations alone can leave your head spinning! That’s only the actual wedding and the reception — what about

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Bridal Bootcamp Chicago

Chicago Bridal Bootcamp

Bridal bootcamp is the way to get into the best shape your life and take control of your health, you’ll need to find a way to stay motivated which is hard to do on sheer will alone, and that is just

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Bridal Wedding Shoes for 2012

Every bride-to-be is looking for the most magical shoes for that special day, and the most important part is the shoes to look pretty but also to be comfortable for the whole entire day! Here are some selections that we did

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Vivo Chicago Restaurant

VIP Chicago Brides at Vivo

It was our first time doing a bridal photoshoot at this nice Italian, romantic yet stylish restaurant. Vivo Restaurant has absolutely amazing atmosphere , stacks of wine bottles making an elegant twist to the exposed brick walls and rustic wood floors.

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Tips for Brides – from Consultation till the Day of your Special Wedding

For every woman her wedding day is an occasion where she expects to look and feel her best and be the center of attention.  After all this is what she deserves! Here is when a professional bridal artist enters the picture

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Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Some people may find it difficult to visualize a bride with short hair. They think that short hair does not appear attractive enough. Well, it is not true at all and if styled rightly, short hair can look as graceful as

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Summer Wedding Makeup and Hairstyle Trends

Summer is broadly the most beautiful season for weddings. With ample sunshine, balmy nights and gentle breezes, its no wonder May through August is the ultimate and most popular months to get married. The livelier weather gladly draws out bridal makeup

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Airbrush Makeup By Motives

Motives Airbrush Makeup by VIP Chicago Brides

Airbrush makeup may not a very familiar term yet, but it will undoubtedly be a household thing shortly. What is basically airbrush makeup? What’s unique about it? Why should I consider it for my wedding day? These are the most common

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6 Dazzling Wedding Tips for Any Weather

A wedding ceremony is comparable to a lovely night sky. The numerous stars that dazzle across the horizon are just like all the gorgeous people present in a wedding. Some stars are brighter (bridesmaids and best-men), but the one who looks

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Beautiful Skin for your Wedding Day

Nothing can match the natural beauty and glimmer of happiness seen in every bride. However, to achieve that healthy looking radiant skin, it is important to start a pre-wedding bridal beauty care daily regime well in advance. Plan a series of

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