Airbrush Makeup Artist

The secret of professional makeup that became extremely popular and bride’s best friend is airbrush makeup.

Wedding makeup needs to breathe, look flawless and applied light has the benefit of long-lasting coverage that will give your skin a radiant glow, without the feeling of having too much makeup on. The best part is it cannot kiss or hug off during the million of congratulatory hugs and kisses a bride will get during her wedding.

Airbrush makeup has been used for so many years in the fashion industry like film and tv to make celebrities and personalities look great – so why not look like a celebrity on your special day?
VIP Chicago Brides Team believes that successful airbrush application comes from a great product and a great application. The technique of airbrushing that we do is from trainings with the top trends and the secret of the world’s top makeup artists.

Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist

The airbrush product line that VIP Chicago Brides Team use is a popular product line of airbrush makeup called Temptu, which features a ground breaking silicone based makeup, it is light, moveable and natural. Temptu airbrush makeup has a luminous, satin finish that you will love to have on as it feels natural and will definitely get you lots of compliments on your special day!

The great benefits of airbrushing is it will last the entire day and evening, it is a sweat-proof product, it has a fuller coverage than standard makeup, it is ideal for wedding photography and high definition video, and it cannot get better than that!

Airbrush Makeup